Mike Barry Returns as Coach for the Leonas

Mike Barry Returns as Head Coach of the Leonas

Mike Barry has been a Lion for decades. He’s in the Lions Hall of Fame. He’s previously coached the men’s side, and a decade ago he coached the women’s side. Now he’s back to take the reins for the Leonas. Rugby Report spoke to Mike about his ambitions and expectations. What are your goals and […]

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May 2, 2015

Leonas at Philadelphia 5/2 Match Report

Above: Emily Kunsman and Amanda Sesny tend to some bumps and bruises during the Leonas’ match against Philly. (Photo: Shameena Khan) Saturday, May 2: Village Lions 12, Philadelphia 46 It is always a hard game when you are spending most of the time defending. Quite frankly, tackling all of the time takes it out of […]

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Leonas at Morris 4/25

Leonas at Morris 4/25 Match Report

Above: Margo Smith looks to shift the ball wide against Morris. (Photo by Shameena Khan) Saturday, April 25, 2015: Village Lions 27, Morris 10 A tough game at last. After two consecutive matches against weaker opposition, the Leonas took some time in finding their groove on the road against a tough Morris side. Morris, not the most tactical in […]

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Leonas at Doylestown 4/18

Leonas at Doylestown 4/18 Match Report

Above: Aislinn Smith tests the Lehigh Valley defense. (Photo by Shameena Khan) Saturday, April 18, 2015: Village Lions 64, Lehigh Valley 0 The Leonas headed to Doylestown, Pa., to play their first away game of the season, but due to a regular-season mix-up, Doylestown had to host both VLRFC and Severn River. This meant the Leonas did not […]

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