The third annual White Collar Boxing event
Friday, Feb. 26 at the Highline Ballroom


In the lead-up to the third annual White Collar Boxing event, where 18 of our fellow Lions will enter the ring in support of the club and The Bowery Mission, we’re taking you inside the ring to find out what it’s like to be a White Collar Boxer! We begin with what initially seemed like a very unlikely match-up of two players who have been peer-pressuring each other into uncomfortable situations from the beginning.


Desiree “Power of VooDoo” Vodounon vs. Margo “Margoritaville” Smith


12509140_10205734710067327_8936176974708600626_nDesiree Vodounon and Margo Smith met at Kenyon College one fateful evening while both attending a slumber party. Why these two grown women were at a slumber party we may never know, but Margo — intending to run a half-marathon in the morning — was attempting to go to bed. This was clearly unacceptable to her rugby teammates, who told her to quit with the crazy talk and have another shot. However, non-rugby player Des thought that a casual 13.1 miles in the a.m. sounded just about right.

After crushing the race together, Margo would go on to coerce Des into playing rugby, and after graduation, when they both moved to NYC, Des would return the favor, introducing Margo to the Village Lions.

When it came time to convince these two to become White Collar Boxers, it was clear that this would be a package deal. And so, we pit these two peas in a pod against each other for your viewing pleasure! We caught up with Margo and Des for the inside scoop as they prepare for Fight Night on Feb. 26 — check out our interview with them below.

You can back this fight with a donation here or watch the brawlin’ in person. Tickets are now on sale!

If your opponent were an animal, she would be a …

Margo: Some kind of running animal, like a gazelle or something.

Des: Sugar glider. [UPDATE: After getting punched in the face by her, pretty sure she’s a shark.]


Who will be in your corner on Fight Night?

Margo: Not sure yet, but hoping some people get over not wanting to watch me get punched in the face and turn out.

Des: My mom … Mom, are you coming?!


What famous person would you want to fight? Dead or alive …

Margo: Will Smith. He’d kick my ass, but I’d do whatever just to hang out with him.

Des: Michelle Obama — she’d totally kick my ass, but hopefully then take pity on me and become my best friend or something.


The third annual White Collar Boxing event
Friday, Feb. 26 at the Highline Ballroom