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Fight 7: Jersey Shore vs. Boston Strong
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The Angry Baer

Name: Alli Baer

Ht: 5-foot-3

A typical boxer in an atypical package, “Angry Baer” can float like the lightest butterfly and sting like the meanest bee. She once fooled the mayor of Toronto into believing he could take a punch, but when she hit him, he cracked his pipe. A therapist by occupation, her opponent will be needing her help after the bout, while the crowd will be in for a treat when she enters the ring!





Ais Attack

Name: Ais Smith

Ht: 5-foot-3

The “Ais Attack” spent her formative years in a Vermont forest, only emerging in October to watch her beloved BoSox play post-season baseball. Subsisting on a diet of bark and beer, this colorfully tattooed and outsize personality will prove a tough opponent.