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Fight 9: The Punching Props
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Baby-Faced Brawler

Name: Emily Kunsman

Ht: 5-foot-6

Beware the “Baby-Faced Brawler”! This basher came to boxing late: She was introduced to her first ring in the boogie-down Bronx during college and honed her skills on the mean streets of Harlem. Emily plans to overpower her opponent with sheer force and has already picked out the flowers she plans to send to her opponent in the hospital!





Silent Sari

Name: Sari Warren

Ht: 5-foot-5

“Silent Sari” — known largely for her intricate drawings of cats and thriving silk-screening business — makes her first foray into the ring to start another kind of business: kicking butt and taking names! Hailing from the north woods of Michigan, she eats badgers for breakfast and trains with a live bear!