The Lions want to provide you with the tools to stay fit and excel. Below is a weekly fitness schedule/sessions made available for free through Club Partners and VLRFC. Choose either a group session or follow a detailed individual workout plan!


The Rise – 6:30AM
MADE circuit training – 6:30PM @113th and Morningside Park


The Rise – 6:30AM
Practice 8PM


The Rise – 6:30AM

MADE circuit training – 6:30PM @113th and Morningside Park


The Rise – 6:30AM
Practice 8PM

The Rise – 6:30AM

Match Day -TBA

Crossfit East River – 2:30PM
FIT touch – Late Afternoons/Evenings

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MADE Fitness – 113th and Morningside Drive
75 minutes of cognitive self expectation driven fitness training.
Workouts are 4-5 circuits and last 10-15 minutes each.
These circuits include:
– Kettlebells
– Core exercises
– Sprints
– Stair runs)
Contact Kimani Davis

The Rise NYC – Various Locations
60 minutes of outdoor group fitness training.
– Hills
– Core
– Form
Contact The Rise

Federation of International Touch (FIT Touch)
NYC Touch Rugby
Join the Lions FitTouch Rugby side.
Contact Paul Kenline

Individual Workout Plan
Lions 8 week Strength & Speed Training
Other Fitness Assets (IMG Academy Dynamic Warm ups, IMG Academy Stretching, Agility Drills)

Ad-Hoc Paid Fitness Sessions
Fusion Sports Performance Group Sessions
Minimum Group Size: 4 people
Cost:  $100 per session/$25 per person
Contact John Barry

Gym Memberships – VLRFC Discount
Crossfit East River
Standard Membership
$175 for the first month, then 15% off any regular membership price
VLRFC Open Gym membership (Exclusive)
$150/month, auto-recurring (Limited to Open Gym times, Sprint Class, Pilates, Yoga classes)
Contact Melissa Leon