With a typical NY fall day of 80-degree weather as the setting, the Lion Kings faced up against Morris for the middle card match at the VLRFC Friends and Family Day. After the women earned a victory against Brooklyn, the Lion Kings sought to keep the momentum going against (mostly) Morris side.

It was typical Old Boys rugby, with only 14 available per side and no ref on scene at the appointed time for KO (the one we had scheduled injured his ankle Saturday morning). But Bill McHugh stepped up to whistle the game (bonus: we could donate the $100 set aside for the gimpy ref to cancer research) and some stragglers made it to the pitch shortly thereafter and so we ended playing full side on full side. At least in numbers, since our side dominated theirs as if they were down a man or two!

With an excellent backline (built off of a solid forward platform and perfectly adequate tackling!) slashing through their defenses, the Lion Kings ran up the score to 68-0 at full time. Lots of tries were scored (and one penalty, apparently – who kicked that? More importantly: why?), with noteworthy performances from Adil at fullback with a hat trick, “new” old boy Dave Peer playing lock and rumbling over for a try, Pat McJury managing the forwards / barking orders just like old times at 9 (and scoring a try and slotting a conversion to boot). But overall a great team effort.

Most of us and our opposition stayed to watch the men complete the F&F day sweep, take in the sun and enjoy a few malty beverages.

Players: Jason Rozger, Jeff Evans (conversion), Dave Peer (try), Goose (2x tries and conversions), Drew Allen (try), Bert Oberlander, Matt Shelton, Cobus Gomes (try), Seb Lyner, Jurrian (try), Adil Minari (3 tries), Pat McJury (try, conversion), Michael Driver (try, conversion), Terry

Next up:
October 12 @ CT
October 19 @ LI
November 2 @ Morris
November 9 @ Bayonne

Let’s keep that momentum going!

And for anyone who’s counting, Adil is leading the pack for 2019 scoring champ with 5 tries, with Drew and Cobus close behind with 4 apiece.