Seeking Head Coach:
— Men’s DII/DIII
— Women’s DI

Village Lions RFC is seeking candidates for a Head Coach position, beginning August 2015. The Lions are currently in their 26th year as a club and field Men’s Division II, Men’s Division III, and Women’s Division I sides in the Empire Geographic Union.

We are seeking an experienced coach who is expected to create an advanced, comprehensive system of play for the team, taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of our players.

She or he will demonstrate professionalism and leadership in articulating that vision and developing training systems to teach it and hone the skills necessary to implement it. Travel expenses will be covered by the Club, and a coaching stipend is available.

Minimum requirements include the following:

— Commitment for Fall 2015 through Spring 2016.
— Ability to plan and execute two practices a week (Tuesday and Thursday nights), plus attend home and away games on Saturdays during the Fall and Spring seasons.
— Level 200 USA Rugby Coaching Certification and significant experience coaching a senior club. A track record of coaching achievement.
— Strong leadership and communication skills. Must provide positive coaching, fair assessment/feedback, and open communication with club officers and players.

Interested candidates should contact for further information.