Above: Head coach Andrew Britt and the D3 side braved Hurricane Joaquin for their match against Montauk in East Hampton.

Lions D3 fall to Montauk 33-29, show growth in key areas

With the D2 side on bye, the D3 men braved Hurricane Joaquin and journeyed to East Hampton to take on Montauk. The Lions started off strong, going up 12-0 on tries from Disco Steve in the 17th minute and Mike Tagilafero in the 34th. Montauk came back with one of their own to make it 12-7 to the Lions at halftime.

The second half opened with a quick try from Montauk, but the Lions answered with one of their own through Hubert Chan in the 43rd minute to make it 19-14 Lions.

A penalty conversion from Hubert five minutes later gave the Lions 3 more before Montauk punched in two unanswered, plus one conversion, to go up 33-22.

Bryan McCorkle showed off some nifty running and passing with Kimani Davis before cutting up the Montauk backline to score in the 79th minute and make it 33-29. Unfortunately, that’s how it ended, with Montauk taking the win at home.

Man of the match went to prop Kiyoshi Atkins despite a yellow card in the 65th minute. Hard play up front all day set a good tone for the Lions in both their attack and defense.

While it was a good game for the Lions, club President Rich Gallina noted: “It was a shame we didn’t come away with the result; five minutes of play surrounding the half saw us give up 14 points.

“We need to learn to start and finish these games and start playing 80 minutes of focused rugby and not 60.”

—Alex Sheidler

Tries: Disco Steve (17″), Mike Tagilafero (34″), Hubert Chan (43″), Bryan McCorkle (79″)
Conversions: Hubert Chan (2)
Penalty: Hubert Chan (1)

Lineup: Kiyoshi Atkins, Marco Camacho, Jason Rozger, John Lechner, Kimani Davis (c), Rico Garcia, Mike Tagliafero, Nigel Riley, Rene-Paul Laferie, Hubert Chan, Jack McLaughlin, Disco Steve, Bryan McCorkle, RaRa Perkins, Austin Heron

Reserves: Eric Jones (Garcia at 41″), Nick Opich (Camacho at 43″), Rob O’Callaghan (McLaughlin at 48″), JP Lindsey (Chan at 58″), Quentin O’Brien (Rozger at 64″), Paul Deedy (Heron at 64″), Sergio Tache (Lechner at 64″)

The Lions take on New Haven at home next week, 10/10.