The Fall 2015 season saw the Lions get back to form under new coach Britt Andrew.

Following a spring playoff defeat to Old Blue, the Lions finished the League season with a 5-3-1 record, including wins over Old Blue and taking back the Village Cup with a 40-29 win over New York. Holding third place overall, just behind White Plains, the Lions head into the Spring with playoff matches again on the schedule beginning in March.

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Coach Britt set the team’s focus on a simple game plan of executing the basics well. There was a particular focus on defense, winning the forward collisions and making the right decisions relative to where were were on the field.

“We set out at the beginning of the season to earn respect,” offered Coach Britt. “That is, let the other clubs know when they face the Village Lions they were in for a tough battle.  I think we achieved this and I honestly believe on our day, with a fully fit team that we are the best in the competition. The good thing is that we are now starting to believe this too.  We have a big job ahead of us in 2016 but making the nationals is not beyond us.”

Contributing to the winning attitude was a successful high performance summer 7s program. A few notable veteran also came out of semi-retirement to make their contribution to the club, including Patrick McJury and Adil Manari.

Going into the later half of the league schedule and playoffs for Spring 2016, Coach Britt is counting on having a “consistent number attending training to ensure cohesive team patterns and selections. Ideally we need a squad of 60 players to cover injuries and absence.”

Fall 2015 Schedule & Results

09/12/15          W         Lions 30, Old Blue 24

09/19/15          D          Lions 38, White Plains 38

09/26/15          W         New York 29, Lions 40 (Village Cup)

10/10/15          L          Lions 36, New Haven 40

10/17/15          W         Long Island 15, Lions 51

10/24/15          W         Landowne 7, Lions 71

10/31/15          L          Old Blue 37, Lions 12

11/07/15          L          New Haven 25, Lions 21

11/14/15          W         White Plains 19, Lions 26