September 21, 2019
Brooklyn, NY

The Lions dropped their third match of the Fall Season to division leaders Brooklyn, 46-7, dropping to 5th place.

The night match at Kaiser Park in the Coney Island section of Brooklyn was hard fought, missed tackles and the inability to capitalize on attacking opportunities ensured there was little to show for the effort.

Brooklyn took advantage of every error, tallying 24 first half points on 3 tries and a penalty kick, 24-0.

Brooklyn put in two more converted tries in the second half before scrappy John Tublin scored on the 73rd minute, converted by Sergio Sergio Pulido 41-7. Brooklyn had the final word with a try before the final whistle, 46-7.

“Another tough game,” stated captain Michael Tagliaferro. “I’m proud of the way we played. We held them well in the second half and never folded. We played tough till the end.”

“Another tough day,” echoed coach Nic Clapinson. “Playing the team at the top of the division. 56-7 loss. For large periods we were on the front foot, playing an uptempo game. Then we struggle with lapses, periods of 3-4 minutes at a time. It’s a matter of zeroing in and halting that negative momentum.

For those paying attention, there is a noticeable shift in the Lions squad. A shift for the better. This a new look team building for the long haul. The program under coach Nic Clapinson holds the squad to a high standard in terms of a holistic approach to rugby and fitness. The groundwork being down now will pay off for years to come.

Clapinson continued, “There’s a good core of guys down at training and we’ll get over the hump eventually. We can already see moments of what’s coming. So on to New York next week.”

1. Edgar Perez (Matt Marano 54’)
2. James Fermin (Khalil Gonsalves 44’)
3. Eugene Aiken (Seth Brown 35’)
4. Chris Tite
5. James Johnston (JP Lindsey)
6. Ryan Redican (Felipe Tajeda 30’)
7. Milo Hall (Kiyoshi Atkins 75’)
8. Mike Tagliaferro (C)
9. Greg Alexander
10. Sergio Pulido
11. Rashid Perkins (Conor Devine 60’)
12. Nick Alexander (VC)
13. John Tublin
14. Rob O’Callaghan (Jacob Marcia 73’)
15. Grisha Rudensky

Khalil Gonsalves
Matt Marano
Seth Brown
Kiyoshi Atkins
Kimani Davis
JP Lindsay
Conor Devine
Jacob Marcia

Herman Marcano
Austin Heron
JC Vivar
Felipe Tajeda

This upcoming weekend, September 28, 2019, is Family & Friends Day. The Lions are home against New York RFC while the Leonas take on Brooklyn RFC.