Tublin to Watts to Tublin to Torija for the try.
Video courtesy Ted Perkins

October 5, 2019
Randall’s Island, NYC

The Village Lions Men took on the Gotham Knights on Saturday for the second time this season. The Lions came out strong against Gotham notching 2 tries – one from John Tublin, one from Matt Frater plus a conversion by Fernado Torija – within the first 20 minutes to Gothams’ try and penalty kick, to put the score at 12-8.

Torija added a penalty, but a talented Gotham side was able to answer back with two more tries, one converted, leaving the score Lions 15, Gotham 20 at the half.

The Lions fired out against Gotham in the beginning of the second half. A pair of unlucky cards left the lions down to 13 men for part of the second half. Gotham was able to capitalize on the man advantage and put in another pair of tries.

The Lions, showing incredible heart and grit were also able to notch another try from Torija while playing two men down, 20-27. Unfortunately, it was not enough as Gotham capitalized on the man advantage to put in 2 more tries to close out the match.

Final score Village Lions 20 – 41 Gotham.

“Massive improvement from the beginning of the year when we conceded 52 points to this team,” noted Coach Nic Clapinson. “We were unlucky getting some cards for aggressive tackling that wasn’t intentional and we wound up being a man down. But even down to 13 men at one point, we managed to score a try.”

“[We had] some questionable cards that took us out of it, took the rhythm away,” echoed Capatin Mike Tagliaferro. “But we finished strong. We put a try over with 13 men which is tough as hell to do so. Another tough loss but a good win. We’re making progress.”

“Tough freakin loss. In my opinion, the better team lost today,” Tagliaferro added. “I feel we outplayed them in loose play.“

“We’ve definitely turned the corner in terms of attitude,” added Clapinson. “And Gotham’s a good side and they have a couple of really strong players who took advantage of any opportunity they got and that’s why they won and that’s why they’ll probably be in the playoffs.”

“Good on them. But massive progress for us. Tubs playing 3 or 4 different positions. Nando keeps coming into his own from fullback. And Chris Tite starting to really improve at second row and do the job for us. Matt Frater’s first game and unlucky to get a possible concussion, but massive impact at tighthead.”

Man of the Match: Fernado Torija


1. Edgar Perez
2. James Fermin (Rob Young)
3. Matt Frater (Matt Marano)
4. James Johnston
5. Chris Tite
6. JP Lindsay
7. Milo Hall (Ryan Radican)
8. Mike Tagliaferro (C)
9. John Tublin
10. Felipe Bezares
11. Grisha Rudensky
12. Nick Alexander (VC) (Greg Alexander)
13. Julian Watts
14. Rob O’Callaghan (Austin Heron)
15. Fernado Torija

16. Matt Marano
17. Kiyoshi Aiken
18. Ryan Radican
19. Mitch Buscemi
20. Rob Young
21. Greg Alexander
22. Austin Heron
23. Izzy Perez

Injury Reserves: Conor Devine, JC Vivar

Head Coach: Nic Clapinson
Assistant Coach: Kimani Davis
Athletic Trainer: Mike Witter
Management: Eric Han, Gene Aiken

Reporting by Gene Aiken