The Village Lions Rugby Football Club is hiring a Director of Rugby (DoR).

The DoR will have the overall responsibility to implement the club’s strategic goals that involve our Men’s and Women’s programs in Fifteens and Sevens.

Each of these programs is led by a head coach.  The primary role of the DoR is to support each head coach, to facilitate their activities, and to enhance their productivity, success and job satisfaction.  The DoR will participate in club board and officer meetings to facilitate broader club-wide communication that includes players, coaches and board members.

The DoR will work with the head coaches to identify needs and to coordinate shared resources across programs, and with the club’s Director of Recruitment to target recruitment needs defined by each head coach.

The DoR will also act as the club’s primary point of contact with collaborating professional clubs and rugby organizations, and local rugby programs at Colleges and schools, developing underage feeder programs at local Colleges and high schools.  The creation of working relationships with our local professional rugby club in New York (Rugby United NY), and professional rugby organizations (for example, Tiger Rugby, Atavus) will also be priorities.

The Village Lions is committed to the development of coaching personnel resources, with the goal of adding at least 10 new USA Rugby-certified coaches each year, creating customized coaching experience opportunities for these trainee coaches.  The DoR will lead this initiative.

The DoR will also lead the maintenance of a positive, enjoyable, performance-based club culture that is inclusive, respectful, and nurturing while challenging coaches and players to excel in their performance.

The DoR will report to the Performance Director of the Board of Directors of the VLRFC, and will be appointed for a three year term, during which he or she will be given the opportunity to build a strong track record of accomplishment.

Applicants should apply to the Village Lions’ Director of Performance John Greally ( with their rugby CV and a statement of how they would implement their vision for the club as a whole over a three year period.