Above: Several Lions were on hand to watch Fiji win the U.S. leg of the HSBC Sevens World Series in Las Vegas.

Spring Season Is Here!

Paypal > $175 – standard membership
Paypal > $115 – full-time students
Yearly dues subscriptions coming soon…

Volunteering at Four Leaf 15s 
The Four Leaf 15s Committee needs your help to run the day smoothly. Fundraisers like these are the only way the club can keep improving. Do your part and sign up today!

New Board of Directors
As noted during the Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 21, there have been updates to the club’s Board of Directors (Trustees). Ken Murphy and Rachel Liberatore have stepped down from their roles after several years as Trustees; join us in thanking them for their incredible service and dedication.

Current Directors: Alan Lobo, Alex Kallmann, Andy Wagner, Cerra Cardwell, Renee Ovrut, Shashi Khemlani

New Reimbursement Policy Approved
Planning on getting reimbursed this season? Make sure to review the new policy for the entire club. Click here to read it (PDF).

Fusion PT & Sports Performence: 6 Pregame or Workout Meals That Affect Athletic Success

We’ve all heard the saying “you are what you eat.” Well, the twist on that for athletes is “you perform how you just ate.” What goes into your body fuels your athletic engine, so you better make sure it’s super/premium octane… (Read more.)

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