The Lions are putting out a formal call for candidates to be considered for a role with our Board of Directors (BoD). As defined in the Club Bylaws, the responsibility of the Directors is as follows: 

“Except as otherwise provided in the Certificate of Incorporation and these By-laws, the Corporation shall be controlled by, and the business and affairs of the Corporation shall be managed by or under the direction of, it’s Board.”

The focus is of the BoD is on governance, but also includes:

  • Ensure continuity in vision, leadership, and playing standard for the Village Lions RFC.
  • Facilitate strategic committees in support of the club’s goals and objectives.
  • Oversee the fiduciary health of the club.

The commitment from each Director is at minimum to:

  • Meet 4x annually to review the prior quarter against the set Strategic Plan and contribute to planning the upcoming quarter. Planning and OKRs map against a 5 year strategy.
  • Contribute two to five hours weekly to Lions initiatives and communications.
  • Review, comment, and vote on any motions that come before the Board.
  • Join monthly Officer’s monthly meetings 
  • Be a resource to club leadership, help identify financial resources, rugby resources, taking an active role in committees is encouraged. 

The qualities we seek in our Board members, include:

  • Representation of the diversity and inclusiveness of the Village Lions
  • Financial acumen: knowledge of how to attract and grow funds
  • Strategic Vision and Planning skills for our rugby club as a 501(c)3 sports organization
  • A strong network within the at-large rugby community
  • Prior experience with corporate governance

The BoD is actively building a pool of candidates. These will be evaluated against a skills matrix being designed for the roles and successful candidates will be interviewed by the current BoD. Up to 5 candidates will be named to the Village Lions Board of Directors. 

VLRFC BoD 2019/2020 Current Status:

Christian Averill (Chair): 1 year left in 3 year tenure
Meg Collins: 1 year left in 3 year tenure
Kimo Davis: 3 years left in 3 year tenure
John Greally: 1 year left in 3 year tenure
JP Lindsey (ex officio as president): 1 year left in 2 year presidential term
Ryan Tumelty: (ex officio as treasurer): 1 year left in 2 year treasurer term

Phaidra Knight: stepped down due to lack of available time
Sharon Berger: stepped down due to lack of available time