The “Lion Kings” kicked off the year with a well attended tour to Delaware, taking on a much younger, fitter and faster Delmarva team. We traveled with 40 Old Boys, schlepping several hours to Dewey Beach, Delaware, to face Delmarva on May 2, 2015. It was a free-flowing match that featured three halves to accommodate the multitude of players.

Southern Delaware is known to the locals as “Lower Slower Delaware,” and the Lion Kings’ “LSD Trip” motto was the Leary-esque “Tune-in, Knock-on, Sub-out” (runner-up slogan: “We get lower, and we’re definitely slower”). The match was held at an American Legion post in Millsboro, and the 35-and-older Lion Kings outplayed their Delaware counterparts in the set pieces, had the penalty count vastly in their favor, and owned much of the possession. But Delmarva’s recent efforts to raid a semi-pro football team for talent had been successful, and after turnovers, the speedy backs were too hard to corral in the open field.

In the end, the impressive wheels of the young Delmarva players earned a 42-24 win for the locals.

Lion Kings tries went to winger John Griffiths, loose forward Alex Kallmann, scrumhalf Eric Anahory, and winger Ray Abruzzi, with Robert “Goose” Greenawalt pitching in a couple of conversions. Man of the Match honors was seized by “Ghetto” Ron Guzman for several impressive rambles around the pitch, as well as the hit of the day, which sent his opponent into tremors and quite unfairly sent Ron to the sin bin for 10 minutes.

Lions came from far and wide for the match, with former Lion’s president and Women’s assitant coach Greg “Gator” Faherty flying in from Seattle, another former president, Georgie “Godzilla” Rohloff, flying up from Florida, and Lions original Mike “Just Mike” McKeon driving in from Cleveland, along with Lions vets and former coaches Adrian McDermott and Martin Doughty making the trip from Washington.

“It was an amazing thing to see Lions representing every single generation of the club dating all the way back to 1989,” said tour leader, another former president and Village Lions Hall of Famer “Cherry” Mike Steavenson. “I don’t think I’ve ever been part of a Lions tour that blended such a wide array of personalities quite so awkwardly and unsuccessfully.”

That momentum carried into the fall with a round-robin schedule against CT Greys, NY Gents, Long Island, Morris Masters, and All Japan.