Welcome to the Village Lions! I hope you are all gearing up for a successful spring campaign. If you are interested in joining, contact Rich Gallina, our men’s VP, or Mallory Woods, our women’s VP, for more information. For practice information for the men, click here; for the women, click here.

With a new season underway, it is time to pay your club dues. Dues for the spring will remain at $160, the same as they were for the fall season. Dues for full-time students will remain $110 with proof of current full-time student status. Dues for a social members or Old Boys team members will remain at $80. Dues can be paid through the Paypal links below (Paypal fees apply) or via a check made out to Village Lions Rugby Football Club and given to your team’s VP or directly to me. CASH WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

As always, please let me know if you need to coordinate a payment plan for dues, and we can figure out a schedule that works for your budget. I am always willing to be flexible in helping make sure that financial responsibilities don’t prevent players from taking the field.

Lastly, please note that you will not be able to take the field for the Lions this fall until dues have been paid or you have a payment plan in place.

Please contact me with any questions, concerns or payment plan details and I will be happy to address them to the best of my abilities. I can be reached at treasurer@villagelions.org.

PayPal links

Fall 2014 – full-time member ($160)
Fall 2014 – student ($110)

All the best,

Erin McGee