Logan Bays, Woman of the Match.

Vicky and Ais clowing on the sideline.

New Haven, CT
September 21, 2019

The Leonas returned to league action last Saturday following a two week break taking a 31-5 victory over New Haven in a truncated match.

Five different players touched down for the Leonas, with Stephanie Ruys de Perez claiming one for herself and adding three conversions to account for 11 of the Leonas 31 points.

It’s a new look Leonas squad under Cobus Gomez, who has lead the side to two lopsided victories to start his career as coach of the women’s XVs program. More than 25% of the players are new to the club, signaling a promising future.

Allie Cahoon was named Silent Force in her Leona’s debut, having joined the Village Lions from Portland Women’s Rugby in Maine. While first year player Adriana Castillo was recognized by the New Haven squad for an impressive performance in the match.

Adriana Castillo scored her first try as a Leona.

First year player Adriana Castillo scored her first try for the Village Lions Rugby Football Club and was recognized by New Haven for a strong performance.

“I am proud of how our team matched up,” beamed coach Cobus Gomes, “and never took a step back in contact. We lost a little structure here and there as players queued up hungry to take the ball up.”

The match was stopped 12 minutes into the second half due to a high number of injuries to New Haven, leaving them with only 10 players fit to finish the match.

Reflecting on the match on the trip back to the city, captain Alie Baer had this to share, “These tricks that I’ll attempt will blow your mind. Pick a verse, any verse, I’ll hypnotize you with every line.”

Logan Bays earned Woman of the Match honors, having scored a try following a dazzling run and putting in a few great try-saving tackles.

Scorers: Rachel Elson (T), Logan Bays (T), Adriana Castillo (T), Allie Cahoon (T), Stephanie Ruys de Perez (T, 3C).

1 Sari Warren
2 Alli Baer (C)
3 Zoe Newman (Michelle Dimitri)
4 Allie Cahoon
5 Marian LaForest
6 Yuly Mendez (Tara Harten)
7 Ela Van
8 Adriana Castillo
9 Liz Berridge (VC)
10 Victoria Dushku
11 Logan Bays
12 Ais Smith
13 Rachel Elson
14 Stephanie Ruys de Perez
15 Chandra Labonte (Aun O’Brien)

Michelle Dimitri
Dalitso Nkhoma
Katlin Davis
Aun O’Brien
Tara Harten

This upcoming weekend, September 28, 2019, is Family & Friends Day. The Leonas are home against Brooklyn RFC while the men take on New York RFC.