Leonas 68, Monmouth 5
October 5, 2019
Thompson Park
Lincroft, NJ

The Village Lions’ women’s side continued to roll through the Fall 2019 league season with 68 point extravaganza against Monmouth while yielding just one try.

“They played an amazing game” shared Coach Cobus Gomes. “Our defense was really gutsy and we ran in a bunch of tries.”

“They played an amazing game. Our defense was really gutsy and we ran in a bunch of tries.”
– Coach Cobus Gomes

Spirits are high with the Leonas performing strongly all season. It’s a side that merges veteran talent with new. The match marked the return of Jacquie Sinclair to the lineup and featured a very balanced 9 tries from 7 players.

Veteran center Ais Smith scored two tries for the Lions, as did Rookie #8 Adriana Castillo tallied two tries, bringing her season tally to 4 tries in as many matches and earning recognition from the opposition for the second time this season. Allie Cahoon, Chandra Labonte, Stephanie Ruys de Perez, Alli Baer, and Rachel Elson all added tries in the route. Ruys de Perez was perfect with 8 from 8 attempts at conversions, while Aun O’Brien added one conversion.

“I’m really proud of every single person,” stated Captain Alli Baer. “It was really awesome. It was Fifteen as One. We spread wide, we kept to our gameplan and we killed it.”

“It’s been a number of years since we’ve won against them.” added Vice Captain Liz Berridge, noting that both teams have a very different make up since the last time they met. “They’ve always been a really tough team and we’ve always had narrow scoreline margins.”

Keeping to the new pattern Coach Cobus is espousing is what Liz credits to the high octane offense, along with a solid performances put in from all players.

Asked about how she feels about this season so far, Baer was quick to say, “It’s fucking awesome.”

“It’s Fucking Awesome”
– Captain Alli Baer

Roll on you Leonas, it’s been an exciting season and there’s more to go. The Leonas have a bye the weekend of October 12 and return to league action against Morris on October 19th.

WOM: Alli Cahoon
Silent Force: Chandra Labonte

Monmouth selected Adriana Castillo as the Lion’s player with best game, while the Lions chose Monmouth’s loosehead prop Jen Jones.

Scorers: Smith (2T), Castillo (2T), Cahoon (T), Labonte (T), , Baer (T), Elson (T), Ruys de Perez (T, 8C), O’Brien (C).

1. Jacquie Sinclair
2. Alli Baer (Captain)
3. Sari Warren
4. Allie Cahoon
5. Michelle Dimitri
6. Tara Harten
7. Yuly Mendez
8. Adriana Castillo
9. Liz Berridge (Vice Captain)
10. Victoria Dushku
11. Chandra Labonte
12. Ais Smith
13. Rachel Elson
14. Desiree Vodounon
15. Stephanie “Colby” Ruys de Perez

16. Ela Van
17. Sarah Bogdan
18. Marian LaForest
19. Steph Diu
20. Aun O’Brien
21. Precious Cummings
22. Raquel Gutierrez
23. Marrit Van Heen

Coach: Cobus Gomes

Team management:
Katie Hopkins
Mikayla Coxe
Zoe Newman
Kaitlin Davis
Logan Bays

Reporting by Katie Hopkins and Liz Berridege