women at NJ7s 18

What is the overall assessment of the Leonas 7s program? What did we achieve, how did we grow?

The women’s program is in a very exciting place! We won the Empire Division — a goal that we committed to — and grew in skill as a team. This season was one of overcoming barriers that we put in front of ourselves. We did that successfully and look forward to focusing on competing at an even higher level next year.

Having won the Empire Division in 2015, will we go for the qualifier bracket next year?

Woot woot! This is a difficult thing to call right now. We won Empire, but by no means was our victory sound; there are many good teams that we face often in the division. The wonderfully excellent part about qualifiers is that we can decide as the season progresses where we want to go as a team.

What helped in terms of preparations? What needs to be improved?

I believe that establishing a routine for warm-ups would help us switch on a bit more. Additionally, the field space issue that we faced toward the end of the season did create some disruption in terms of training continuity.

How will this help carry over into the 15s season this fall?

The 7s players are in great shape, began to really think aggressively about possession, and picked up some incredible dance moves this summer! For those that play both, we are excited to carry over the energy and game ownership that we fostered this summer.